Here we go again.

So I ended up reading an article the other week called "Hate to break it to you but you are the reason your life sucks so much.". It was that little wake-up call, that kick in the arse I needed to wake up from the slump I didn't realise I was in. I was getting in my own way of making something of myself. I have quit everything I have tried, TAFE, Uni, jobs even cooking and trying to be healthy. It would start out all gung-ho for a week or 2 if I was lucky and then everything would just fizzle out and I'd blame someone else. "Oh I had a clingy stalker bf so I couldn't go" "If I'm no longer interested I'm not going to learn so why continue?" and man did I sound like the baby boomers generalisation that millennials are entitled and lazy. Because I was, I was entitled and lazy.

Now here is where Rockamummy fits into this realisation. I started Rockamummy to create a line of clothes that were custom and comfortable in a style I very rarely saw outside of Instagram. And that's the thing I was going to create a line, and I didn't, I focused on bringing in custom work which a lot of people turned down purely because of the cost involved. I'm not exactly going to not pay myself, am I? That's not fair.
I lost the whole reason why I started Rockamummy, to create something that I hadn't seen, to create something that was easy to work with and style but also incorporate little nods to pop culture and gaming that I loved and inspires me.

So hear me out, this is the plan and I'm putting it out there for accountability. I'm going to launch a small line - about 4 or 5 pieces - that will act as staple pieces, a base for styling if you will. Launching on June 8th, my 3rd wedding anniversary, so I know it's special. Alongside that, I am incorporating a YouTube channel launch, which will host bi-monthly sew & tells and project goals, a weekly game stream and the occasional stream while I work if I can figure that out.

It's a big deal, it'll be a lot of hard work but it will be fun and I hope you guys enjoy watching the growth that happens when I get that kick up the arse.

See you real soon,

Jessi xx