Let's Playlist - July.

In an effort to dive deeper into the gaming community I wanted to share with you what I've been playing and what I think about what's coming next month. Let's start with what I've been playing on PC;

- Hearthstone. 

I've recently jumped back into this one, I wouldn't call myself a good player nor would I call myself a competitive player (unless I'm playing a game against my husband). I enjoy the artwork and wish I had the chance to collect all the decks, my inner hoarder says yes, my bank balance says no. My go to sets are generally Rogue or Paladin which is funny to me because they are both characters I greatly dislike playing in WoW.
All in all fun game, wish I knew more people who played it. If you want a match hit me up on twitter @Rockamummy and we'll organise a game.


- Ark: Survival Evolved.

This game I have been playing for the better part of 2 years, taking part in the Alpha and all, it is my go to game if I'm not sure what else I want to play. I mean it has dinosaurs!
I had a bit of a hiatus from this, maybe 3-ish months and now I'm back. I host my own server and play on that as I'm hesitant to try officials and I like being able to amp everything up because it can be quite a grindy game. There are just some times where I don't have hours upon hours available to me, so being in control is a bit of a comfort. I do miss having tribe members and server members to talk to, but it is what it is. What keeps me coming back? The dinosaurs, 100%. When I was 9 I was adamant I was going to be a palaeontologist, I've always loved dinosaurs so this helps feed that obsession.

The official release of Ark Survival Evolved is August 8th, I hope some of you have pre-ordered because that pre-order bonus makes me super jealous.

And now we move onto PS4.

- Injustice 2.

I've already written a post about this game which you can find here. Still really enjoying the game, the online component still scares me because I can't master those combos.

Starfire coming in August.

- Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This game.... I held off finishing it for the longest time. Definitely one of my most favourite games. Beautiful to look at, a storyline that is just so more-ish I'm sad it ended. Lucky for me there is a DLC coming soon.
A more detailed post about my thoughts on this game is coming next week.

The Frozen Wilds DLC coming later this year.

- Crash Bandicoot: N'sane Trilogy.

I never played this growing up in the 90's so I had to grab this and see what all the hype was about.  I wouldn't say I'm crazy about the game, it's good for short bursts of play but anything longer than an hour for me leaves me all ragey. Great to look at and the visuals are fabulous, with how difficult it is I wouldn't recommend it to kids.

- Assasin's Creed: Black Flag.

I hadn't played Assassin's Creed since Ezio was a main character, and even then I don't think I ever finished the game. I picked this up to catch up before Assassin's Creed: Origins comes out in October.  It's fun the gameplay is just as I remember from the one I have played, my only dislike is when you're on the boats. I don't like how they steer, I don't like how they fight and I don't like that I can't just glance at what level my boat is. I have to go into the menu for that and that frustrates me a bit. Hopefully I finish it, the boat parts are just really putting me off at the moment.

Assassin's Creed: Origins releases October 27 2017


And that's what I've been playing for the month of July. What have you been playing?

Jessi xx